Fibreglass Handle Masonary Machinist Hammer


Brand :OEM

Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :20-30 DAYS

Supply capacity :3000-5000 PCS PER DAY

Product Description

Machinist hammer including wooden handle machinist hammer,Germany type Machinist hammer,Fibreglass handle masonary machinist hammer,French type machinist hammer,steel pipe handle machinist hammer,TPR handle machinist hammer and others.
Fibreglass handle masonary machinist hammer head is made from C45 carbon steel,the head with heat treated and the hardness is about HRC 46- HRC 53.Machinist hammer head can be polished or powder coated in different colors.
We can produce 3000-5000 pcs fibre glass handle masonary machinist hammer or fibre glass handle machinist hammer. All machinist hammer head will be tested before the shipment while mass production.
Besides,we provide all kinds of hammers,just as claw hammer,sledge hammer,machinist hammer,ball pein hammer,chipping hammer,stone hammer,roofing hammer and hand axe.

Fibreglass Handle Masonary Machinist Hammer


Fibreglass handle masonary machinist hammer is made of High quality carbon steel, with the heat treated on the striking end. it has the size : 100g,200g,300g,500g,600g,800g, 1000g, 1500g, 2000g  with wooden handle or Fibreglass handle,steel pipe handle.




Fibreglass handle masonary machinist hammer handle can be made in different colors as client's requirement.Beside machinist hammer,we also make other hammers,such as claw hammer,sledge hammer,ball pein hammer,roofing hammer,stone hammer,chipping hammer,welding hammer and hand axe.Also other hand tools is also our main business, such as wrecking bar,pipe wrench,bolt cutter,tin snip,aviation snip,pliers,aluminum level, kitchen scissor,power sprayer,knapsack sprayer,safety gloves,safety shoes,sand paper, handsaw,hacksaw frame,cold chisel,wood chisel,hedge shear, C clamps.



Factory has strong ability on the hammers prodcution. All machinist hammers,claw hammer,stone hammer,chipping hammer,ball pein hammer,roofing hammer and hand axe will be tested before the shipment.


   All hammers quality will be controlled from the raw material until the packing.


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