Wooden Handle Black Head Sledge Hammer


Brand :OEM

Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :IN 20-30 DAYS

Supply capacity :4000-6000 PCS PER DAY

Product Description

Wooden handle sledge hammer also can be with TPR or plastic handle,the head is made of C45 carbon steel with heat treated on the both ends. Head can be polished or powerd coated or polish after power caoted.
We have worked on sledge hammer more about 12 years,all workers are skilled and experienced. Make more than 4000 pcs per day on the claw hammer,sledge hammer ,sledge hammer ,machinist hammer, hand axe and other hammers. The size is from 2lbs sledge hammer to 24lbs sledge hammer,also has wooden handle sledge hammer or fibreglass handle sledge hammer
The quality for the sledge hammer and other hammers,axe can be assured. The hardness will be tested while the production started. Hardness is the most important for a hammer,and also for the surface treatment, handle quality,glue adhesive quality,even the carton strength

Wooden Handle Black Head Sledge Hammer


Wooden handle sledge hammer also can be with TPR or plastic handle,the head is made of C45 carbon steel with heat treated on the sticking heads.The surface of the sledge hammer can be polished or powder coated in different colors. The size from 2lbs wooden handle sledge hammer to 24lbs wooden handle sledge hammer.




The carbon steel forged sledge hammer has the function of striking for heavy works. Machinist hammer,sledge hammer,ball pein hammer,chipping hammer and axe all need the heat treated to make the striking end hard enough.We make the striking end on the hardness of HRC46-HRC52. This is the best hardness for using.

The carbon steel forged spring steel handle hammer  and plastic handle chipping hammer is made for welding workers,expecially in the factory,construction and other area.


Inform us what you need,we give you the best reply.  Trust us on the hand tools,you will save more than expected.For the spring steel handle chipping hammer,we are the best and most professional.


Our hammer seris:

claw hammer,sledge hammer,machinist hammer,ball pein hammer,chipping hammer,stone hammer,roofing hammer,cross peen hammer and hand axe.

Exported 12 years,our client are all over the world now. Spring steel handle chipping hammers are exported to Britain,France, Poland, Holland, Romania, Russia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand,Brazil, Ecuador, Panama,South Africa,Dubai,Lebanon and other countries.


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