Resin Bonded Polish Disc Cutting Wheels


Brand :OEM

Product origin :SHANDONG

Delivery time :1 DAY

Supply capacity :100000PCS/DAY

Product Description

Cut off wheels is widely used and it is the necessary tools in the industry working.Our cutting disc prpdcution line is the longest in China.Can make the resin bonded cutting disc strength grade higher.
We can make about 10-12 containers cutting disc and grinder disc(polish disc) every month.clients are mainly from Poland, Romania, Holland, Russia,Brazil, Argentina,Korea,Philippines,Malaysia and France.
All the cut off wheels and grinder disc will be tested before the shipment and keep samples for records.All the packing for the cutting disc and polish disc will be emailed for client's approval. More than 15 years grinding disc and cut off wheels factory can be trusted.

Resin Bonded Polish Disc Cutting Wheels

Free Sample 4 inch(105x1.0x16mm) super thin resin bonded abrasive cutting disc,double nets WA abrasive cutting disc

1. It can be used for cutting metal plates, square tubes and rust resistant and acid resistant bars(Automobile industry and shipbuilding industry).

2. It can be used for quick polishing of cross sections of various materials.

3. Low load, the speed is still very fast.

4. Special for stainless steel

5. Sulfur(S), Ferrum/Iron(Fe),Chlorine(Cl)≤0.1%

6. T41 Plat type/T42 Cymbal type




The packing informations for the cut off wheels and cutting disc:

   Choose our cut off wheels and cutting disc will make your work high efficiency and save more of your cost.

     Our MPA certification:



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