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  • British Type Nail Nipping Claw Hammer

    British Type Nail Nipping Claw Hammer

    British type claw hammer with TPR or plastic handle,the head is made of C45 carbon steel with heat treated on the sticking head and the nails puller end. The carbon steel forged nails claw hammer has the function of stricking and the nails puller,is very useful during the light work.Machinist hammer,sledge hammer,ball pein hamemr,chipping hammer and axe all need the heat treated to make the stricking end hard enough. The claw hammer can be made the head polished,powder coated or polished after power coated. The claw hammer head has different types: such as Amercica type claw hammer ,brithish type claw hammer,Italy type claw hammer,straight type claw hammer,bent claw claw hammer,french type claw hammer.

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