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  • Green Hand Operated Economical Grease Gun

    Green Hand Operated Economical Grease Gun

    The grease gun is widely used in workshop and garage and used for lubrication. We can apply lubricant through an aperture to a specific point, usually on a grease fitting or 'nipple'. The channels behind the grease nipple lead to where the lubrication is needed. This butter gun is completely painted and uses standard 14 oz. Cartridge. the color can be adjusted according to the requirements of the order. This grease gun is very easy to operate. The grease gun includes a non-slip vinyl grip and improves comfort as well.This grease gun is simple in structure and economical in price,so it sells well. The whole grease gun can be electroplated. Technically speaking, it is chrome-plated,It will last longer and prevent rust better.Of course the price will be higher than the regular model

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