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  • Casting Cooper Brass Non Sparking Hammer

    Casting Cooper Brass Non Sparking Hammer

    Casting Copper Brass Non Sparking Hammer is widely used on the filed of petro ,mine construction, danger area which can't use the common steel tools.The material of explosion-proof tools is copper alloy. Because of its good thermal conductivity and almost no carbon content, the heat generated in a short time is absorbed and transmitted when the tools and objects are rubbed or impacted. Another reason is that the copper casting cooper brass non sparking hammer is relatively soft and has good yielding property when rubbing and impacting, so non sparking hammeris not easy to produce tiny metal particles. So we can hardly see sparks, so explosion-proof tools are also called sparkless tools. The casting copper brass non sparking hamemr has forged and casted materials, different material has its own advantages.

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