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New Alpha Hardware & Tools (Shandong) Co.,Ltd. Is a trading company based on our own factory of hand tools hammers,axe ,cut off wheels and blind rivets. Our company has more than 10 years export experiences and clients are all over of the world.

The products made by our own factory is : claw hammer, sledge hammer, machinist hammer, brass hammer,copper hammer,stone hammer, rubber hammer,ball peen hammer,chipping hammer, cross peen hammer, felling axe,splitting maul, cut off wheels,cutting disc, grinding disc and AS blind rivets.

Besides all these of hammers,axe,blind rivets and cut off wheel grinding wheel, we provide trading products to our clients,such as pipe wrench,clipper cutter,adjustable wrench, aluminum level,caulking gun,wood chisel, cold chisel, wrecking bar, handsaw, hacksaw frame,tin snip, aviation snip, pliers,link chains,safety gloves,safety shoes, safety jacket, safety shirts,safety caps, silicone sealant, PU foam,soldering iron, power sprayer,knapsack sprayer,waterproof sand paper, staple gun,ratchet tie down and other hand tools.

Our claw hammer, sledge hammer, machinist hammer, rubber hammer,stone hammer, ball peen hammer, chipping hammer, cross peen hammer,  felling axe, splitting maul are made from high carbon steel with heat treated and safety hammers,such as copper hammer,brass hammer. We has the longest temperature control stove oven of Asia for cut off wheels, cutting discs and grinding disc grinding wheel, so the quality can be reliable. The AS blind rivets is made from the material of alloy aluminum, mainly sales in Ecuador, Philippine, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia.

We have became many clients’ buy agent in China and give them our best service and goods. Keep the product’s quality good and reliable,make our service better and better is our business aim.We work with most of our clients for more than 10 years and grow up together.

Warmly welcome client to contact us and build up long term business relations.




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